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Our Story

The Sequoia has historically been a center for compassion and understanding, long before it became a venue for weddings. Founded in the early 1940’s as a safe haven for science and religion to coexist, the Sequoia later became a landmark destination for the Beyond War movement.

In 1991, leading Israelis and Palestinians held a week-long seminar which produced a working document for peace. The document, Framework for a Public Peace Process: Toward a Peaceful Israeli-Palestinian Relationship, was distributed widely among the negotiating parties.

Two years later, men and women from Armenia and Azerbaijan met here to attend a week-long meeting to explore ways to end their war over Nagorno-Karabakh.

We’re Diane and Scott Myers-Lipton, and it was through Scott’s involvement in this movement that we became the stewards of the Sequoia in 2007. It is our mission to share this experience with others, and to preserve the legacy and magic we’ve found here.

For years, we’ve been lucky enough to host countless celebrations of love and union. The Sequoia has also, unfortunately,  been struck by a fair deal of hardship. In 2020, we were forced to shut down for fifteen months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We could no longer provide tours or host events, and it was difficult to keep the magic alive. We didn’t let it stop us, though - we used the time to improve our infrastructure, plant ferns and more redwoods, & widen our trails, and increase our fire breaks.

Wildfire, however, has proven to be the greatest threat to the Sequoia. In 2020, it felt as if decades of history could have been lost as the CZU fires raged through the Santa Cruz Mountains. While parts of the center did burn, we were thankfully able to save this beautiful place with the help of the Ben Lomond Volunteer Fire Department and the aid of locals.

The Sequoia is a place where the deepest meaning of life may be explored in an atmosphere of quiet and beauty. May you add to the spirit of love that builds and nourishes this sacred place, and return to your daily life renewed. The history of the Sequoia is a history of seasons, beauty, spirit, and truth.
This can never be communicated by facts or descriptions; it must be experienced first-hand.

We look forward to your visit.

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